A research and reproductive equity laboratory

A Research and Reproductive Equity Laboratory
A Research and Reproductive Equity Laboratory

Uplift Lab

Exploring the ways community-led research, population data science, and ethnography can combine to imagine and implement more equitable reproductive futures.

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Birth Justice

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Birth Setting Choice and Access

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Democratization of Knowledge/Learnings

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Missy Cheyney PhD, LDM

Co-Director, Uplift

Marit Bovbjerg PhD, MS

Co-Director, Uplift

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Why Uplift?

When geese come together to fly in formation, they support one another in ways that make it possible for the group to go further together and for a longer, more sustained time than would be possible if they each flew alone.

Each bird flies a bit above the bird in front of them, reducing wind resistance. Gliding on the resulting lift, each bird gets a "boost" from the closest member of the flock. When the lead bird tires, they fall back, conserving the energy of the entire group.

By flying in a V, the birds keep in visual contact, reducing collisions and staying on course as a group.

We hope that the process of "uplift" that guides geese will also guide our efforts, allowing each member of the lab - and the communities with which we partner - to go further, longer, and together in a sustainable way.